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House Republicans grow a pair, stand up to Dear Leader

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In a straight line party vote, House Republicans voted against the bloated, wasteful, wealth redistribution plan commonly referred to as Dear Leader’s economic stimulus package.  Let’s look at some of the ground-breaking proposals that will soon have us riding unicorns and farting rainbows while running our vehicles on sunshine and dirt:

$1Billion for Amtrak (which hasn’t turned in a profit in 40 years of existance)

$2Billion in child care subsidies

$5Billion for ACORN (well, I guess this creates jobs, right?  Gives thousands of people the potential to become employed filling voting rosters with fraudulent and unqualified voters)

$50Million for the NEA

$400Million to battle the well established menace of Global Warming

$650Million for digital TV conversion

$600Million for the government to purchase new vehicles

$81Billion for Medicade

$20Billion for food stamps

$36Billion for extended unemployment benefits

$83Billion to distribute EIC payments to people who DON’T PAY TAXES (add these last 4 up and that’s $220Billion in income transfer payments (ie: “spreading the wealth around”)…explain to me how that’s supposed to spur job growth…

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This bill is an absolute abomination.  This will kick the door open to invite full scale European-style Socialism, and the Democrats know it.  They also know that the majority of people will be too uninterested in educating themselves as to what their governement is doing to intrude into their lives, making it all that much easier to push their agenda forward.  Again, House Republicans deserve our graitude for taking this first step in standing up to the onset of rampant Socialism.

To quote Princess Pelousy-

“We won the election. We wrote the bill.”   Yes they did, and if the Republicans in the Senate have any sense they’ll join their House compatriots and let the Democrats hang themselves with it.


Obama’s first television interview

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So, Dear Leader has given his first formal television interview.  And which of our esteemed networks received this priviledge?








Apparently, Dear Leader realized that he’s starting to alienate a lot of his nut-case fringe support, and figured now was a good time to prostrate himself and show our enemies that he is more then willing to grovel and allow himself to be exploited on the world stage.


I don’t know…maybe it’s just me…but wouldn’t you think he’d be better served throwing a crumb to the soul-less media ghouls that installed him in power in the first place?  I could be reading too much into this, but I believe that, once again, he’s shown poor judgement with this decision.  All through his campaign he repeatedly stated that he was willing to lend credibility to nuts like Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Ill through the preposity of  unconditional, one-on-one talks.  Going out of his way to grant his intial interview to an Arab news network just underscores his willingness to be held in thrall by this nation’s enemies.

Obama, keepthechange08 is keeping score… the media may give you a free pass, but the people will not.

Eric Holder

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Eric Holder is going to be the AG of the United States.  Let that sink in for a minute…

Eric Holder, the man who:

-was responsible for building and supporting the “wall” that kept the FBI and CIA from sharing intelligence information

– worked to secure pardons of the members of the convicted terrorist group FALN (with the help of Hillary Clinton)

– worked to secure the pardon of Marc Rich, a man convicted of tax evasion to the tune of $48M, 51 counts of tax fraud…and illegally purchasing oil from Iran during the hostage crisis.  Holder’s motivation was to leverage this favor for the AG nod in a potential Gore administration

– responsible for the cover-up after the Waco fiasco

– was crucial in having Elian Gonzalez returned to his father in Cuba after his mother sacrificed her life to get him here…you remember that one, right?  The boy was kidnapped at gun point by “law-enforcement” officials

– has threatened swift and serious reprisal in any cases of “torture” to obtain intelligence from Islamic nutjobs planning acts or with knowledge of acts of terrorism

…this is the man Obama has tapped to head the Justice Department.  He wants to turn this ambitious, power-hungry monster loose on us, making him the final stop for all decisions involving upholding and enforcing federal law.   Frightening, to say the least.

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Islamic terrorists- coming soon to a courtroom near you!

Today, Army Col. Patrick Parrish issued a written order for a 120 day continuance in the military trial of Canadien national Omar Khadr.  According to Khadr’s lwayer, Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Kuebler, the precedent set forward with this order has the potential to permanently derail the military tribunal process.

Being the pantywaist liberal that he is, Obama has long supported closing Gitmo.  The assumption has been all along that he wanted to move these trials to U.S.  courtrooms, affording the protections of Constitutional rights to these savages.  Well, with this action, he’s one step closer to realizing this ambition.   Gee, just imagine the fun and revelry that will ensue should one of these animals actually be acquitted!  What then?  Do we just open the door and let them walk out, smelling the sweet air of freedom while they have free range to plan their next attempt to kill innocent American civilians on as massive a scale as possible?  Unsurprisingly, the ACLU and the spineless twits in the EU applauded these actions, saying that “one of the first actions of Mr. Obama has been to turn the page on this sad episode of Guantanamo”.

Perhaps the most unnerving aspect of this for me is my fundamental understanding of how our court system works.  What happens if in fact one of these terrorists IS acquited?  Besides the potential safety ramifications mentioned above, what about the legal?  Are they now free to turn around and sue for damages in civil court?  You know just as well as I do that some liberal judge would literally wet themselves in excitement over the opportunity to award a massive cash settlement to one of these monsters…just to show them that America is indeed a “compassionate” country…and that we mean neither them nor their “brothers in arms” any harm.  Afterall, they are “freedom fighters” and “patriots”…just ask Michael Moore.

Pay close attention to this one, and know where you are in proximity to where any federal courthouses may be.

-Geithner UPDATE-

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…Geithner has been confirmed…what an insulting display!  A combination of unfettered arrogance and RINO groveling…

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…now…I don’t claim to be a particularly bright individual…but wasn’t Obama supposed to be a transcendant candidate, above race?

“…when white will embrace what is right…”.  I’ll tell you all something right now- it is my solemn promise to try the best I can to keep things like race and profanity out of my posts on this blog.  HOWEVER, I personally find the words of this bigot SO offensive that I feel a STRONG compulsion to ensure that they aren’t just allowed to be swept away.  Conservatives believe in equal opportunities, Liberals believe in equal outcomes.  How much longer will race be allowed to be used as a political tactic?  If you’re like me, and you believe that America truly is the land of opportunity, then this RIDICULOUS, calculated comment should sicken and anger you.

Keep the CHANGE!

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This site is dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on the administration of the most unqualified and unapologetically Socialist president in U.S. history!
1/19/09- 15:10 PM-
t-minus 19 hours, 20 minutes until the abomination…
“President” Obama…we’re watching you…
My fellow countrymen, tomorrow is indeed a historic day.  Tomorrow we inaugurate the most unqualified leader our country has ever seen.  Tomorrow, we inaugurate a man who’s agenda and plans of social engineering are the furthest left of any occupant the White House has seen since FDR.  Tomorrow, we inaugurate a leader who seemingly has an open and callous disregard for the things that have made America the great shining beacon of hope and freedom that it has been to the world for more then 2 centuries.
My fellow right-thinking Americans, it’s up to us.  The media has already shown us that it has no interest in doing its job.  It will be up to us to remain vigilant and cry FOUL whenever Obama and his enabling cronies in the Democrat-controlled Congress make an attempt to trample our freedoms…and rest assured, they WILL!  Keep the CHANGE vows to be your voice and your support through what will hopefully be only the worst 4 years in our nation’s history.  Remember, we can make it through.  We just need to stand up and stand together.