Keep the CHANGE!

This site is dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on the administration of the most unqualified and unapologetically Socialist president in U.S. history!
1/19/09- 15:10 PM-
t-minus 19 hours, 20 minutes until the abomination…
“President” Obama…we’re watching you…
My fellow countrymen, tomorrow is indeed a historic day.  Tomorrow we inaugurate the most unqualified leader our country has ever seen.  Tomorrow, we inaugurate a man who’s agenda and plans of social engineering are the furthest left of any occupant the White House has seen since FDR.  Tomorrow, we inaugurate a leader who seemingly has an open and callous disregard for the things that have made America the great shining beacon of hope and freedom that it has been to the world for more then 2 centuries.
My fellow right-thinking Americans, it’s up to us.  The media has already shown us that it has no interest in doing its job.  It will be up to us to remain vigilant and cry FOUL whenever Obama and his enabling cronies in the Democrat-controlled Congress make an attempt to trample our freedoms…and rest assured, they WILL!  Keep the CHANGE vows to be your voice and your support through what will hopefully be only the worst 4 years in our nation’s history.  Remember, we can make it through.  We just need to stand up and stand together.

15 Responses to “Keep the CHANGE!”

  1. Right on brother! Love the blog!

  2. Claremonster Says:


  3. I can has your change, then?

  4. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Calling Obama a Socialist is an affront to true Socialists everywhere who can’t stand the guy. He’s a Changist 🙂

  5. Ex-Democrat Says:

    What if I’m not a fellow right-thinker? What if I’m a left-thinker who still feels the same way as the right-thinkers when it comes to this particular topic? Does that exclude me from the club?

  6. If Steve-O designed, this, I’d ask for a refund. 😉

    • keepthechange08 Says:

      nah, I did this. I threw it together fairly quick. It will get better with time as I get more experience.

  7. shirtsleeve Says:

    I am on board with you! BTW, where is that bailing bucket?

  8. shirtsleeve Says:

    Hey! Where did my last comment go?

  9. Meg Ryan is so hot!

    Yes, the ultimate orgasm will occur at 11:56 am EST today.

    Don’t forget to watch Campbell Brown’s “no bias, no bull” to see a panel full of biased bullshit tonight!

  10. Just think bro you are surrounded by like 2 million people lmao good luck to you 😉

  11. WisColtFan7 Says:

    Congrats on the new blog. I voted for the guy, but yes, every one should be held accountable. I may agree with you on some, and I may disagree with you on others. But what I do agree with wholeheartedly is the need to make sure those in power are held responsible for their misdeeds.

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