Islamic terrorists- coming soon to a courtroom near you!

Today, Army Col. Patrick Parrish issued a written order for a 120 day continuance in the military trial of Canadien national Omar Khadr.  According to Khadr’s lwayer, Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Kuebler, the precedent set forward with this order has the potential to permanently derail the military tribunal process.

Being the pantywaist liberal that he is, Obama has long supported closing Gitmo.  The assumption has been all along that he wanted to move these trials to U.S.  courtrooms, affording the protections of Constitutional rights to these savages.  Well, with this action, he’s one step closer to realizing this ambition.   Gee, just imagine the fun and revelry that will ensue should one of these animals actually be acquitted!  What then?  Do we just open the door and let them walk out, smelling the sweet air of freedom while they have free range to plan their next attempt to kill innocent American civilians on as massive a scale as possible?  Unsurprisingly, the ACLU and the spineless twits in the EU applauded these actions, saying that “one of the first actions of Mr. Obama has been to turn the page on this sad episode of Guantanamo”.

Perhaps the most unnerving aspect of this for me is my fundamental understanding of how our court system works.  What happens if in fact one of these terrorists IS acquited?  Besides the potential safety ramifications mentioned above, what about the legal?  Are they now free to turn around and sue for damages in civil court?  You know just as well as I do that some liberal judge would literally wet themselves in excitement over the opportunity to award a massive cash settlement to one of these monsters…just to show them that America is indeed a “compassionate” country…and that we mean neither them nor their “brothers in arms” any harm.  Afterall, they are “freedom fighters” and “patriots”…just ask Michael Moore.

Pay close attention to this one, and know where you are in proximity to where any federal courthouses may be.


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