Eric Holder

Eric Holder is going to be the AG of the United States.  Let that sink in for a minute…

Eric Holder, the man who:

-was responsible for building and supporting the “wall” that kept the FBI and CIA from sharing intelligence information

– worked to secure pardons of the members of the convicted terrorist group FALN (with the help of Hillary Clinton)

– worked to secure the pardon of Marc Rich, a man convicted of tax evasion to the tune of $48M, 51 counts of tax fraud…and illegally purchasing oil from Iran during the hostage crisis.  Holder’s motivation was to leverage this favor for the AG nod in a potential Gore administration

– responsible for the cover-up after the Waco fiasco

– was crucial in having Elian Gonzalez returned to his father in Cuba after his mother sacrificed her life to get him here…you remember that one, right?  The boy was kidnapped at gun point by “law-enforcement” officials

– has threatened swift and serious reprisal in any cases of “torture” to obtain intelligence from Islamic nutjobs planning acts or with knowledge of acts of terrorism

…this is the man Obama has tapped to head the Justice Department.  He wants to turn this ambitious, power-hungry monster loose on us, making him the final stop for all decisions involving upholding and enforcing federal law.   Frightening, to say the least.


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