Obama’s first television interview

So, Dear Leader has given his first formal television interview.  And which of our esteemed networks received this priviledge?








Apparently, Dear Leader realized that he’s starting to alienate a lot of his nut-case fringe support, and figured now was a good time to prostrate himself and show our enemies that he is more then willing to grovel and allow himself to be exploited on the world stage.

transcript- http://www.newsvine.com/_news/2009/01/27/2358853-transcript-of-obamas-al-arabiya-interview

I don’t know…maybe it’s just me…but wouldn’t you think he’d be better served throwing a crumb to the soul-less media ghouls that installed him in power in the first place?  I could be reading too much into this, but I believe that, once again, he’s shown poor judgement with this decision.  All through his campaign he repeatedly stated that he was willing to lend credibility to nuts like Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Ill through the preposity of  unconditional, one-on-one talks.  Going out of his way to grant his intial interview to an Arab news network just underscores his willingness to be held in thrall by this nation’s enemies.

Obama, keepthechange08 is keeping score… the media may give you a free pass, but the people will not.


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