House Republicans grow a pair, stand up to Dear Leader

In a straight line party vote, House Republicans voted against the bloated, wasteful, wealth redistribution plan commonly referred to as Dear Leader’s economic stimulus package.  Let’s look at some of the ground-breaking proposals that will soon have us riding unicorns and farting rainbows while running our vehicles on sunshine and dirt:

$1Billion for Amtrak (which hasn’t turned in a profit in 40 years of existance)

$2Billion in child care subsidies

$5Billion for ACORN (well, I guess this creates jobs, right?  Gives thousands of people the potential to become employed filling voting rosters with fraudulent and unqualified voters)

$50Million for the NEA

$400Million to battle the well established menace of Global Warming

$650Million for digital TV conversion

$600Million for the government to purchase new vehicles

$81Billion for Medicade

$20Billion for food stamps

$36Billion for extended unemployment benefits

$83Billion to distribute EIC payments to people who DON’T PAY TAXES (add these last 4 up and that’s $220Billion in income transfer payments (ie: “spreading the wealth around”)…explain to me how that’s supposed to spur job growth…

follow this link for much more-

This bill is an absolute abomination.  This will kick the door open to invite full scale European-style Socialism, and the Democrats know it.  They also know that the majority of people will be too uninterested in educating themselves as to what their governement is doing to intrude into their lives, making it all that much easier to push their agenda forward.  Again, House Republicans deserve our graitude for taking this first step in standing up to the onset of rampant Socialism.

To quote Princess Pelousy-

“We won the election. We wrote the bill.”   Yes they did, and if the Republicans in the Senate have any sense they’ll join their House compatriots and let the Democrats hang themselves with it.


2 Responses to “House Republicans grow a pair, stand up to Dear Leader”

  1. The Queen Bee Says:

    Great observations. Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree the dems could hang themselves here.The repubs cnnot sop this junk.Unless obama is gonna start a war and the forighn govts that own our debt are gonna forgieve it ,this is gonna be a failure of historic proportions.By the way ,where is the money for all of that free healthcare we were promised.

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