The tale of Tom Dash-hole

Tom Daschle…you sir, are an asshole.

Now that that’s out of my system…

Apparently, the ongoing qualifications to be part of the Obama cabinet are to be either a tax cheat or a lobbyist.  To this point, the score reads:

former lobbyists- 3

tax cheats- 2

Tom Daschle, for those of you who may not be quite as familiar with this rancid pile of dung, is the former illegitimate Senate majority leader (he became Senate majority in leader in 2000 when Jim Jeffords left the Rebulican party).  This is the man who led the vote in giving President Bush authority to conduct military action against Iraq, and then, after 9 months of fruitless attempts at diplomacy, used statements like “rushed to war” and “miserable failure” on the eve of the Iraqi invasion.  You might say Tom Daschle was the godfather of the anti-war, backtracking movement we’ve seen from the Democrats over the last 5+ years.  Fortunately, the good people of South Dakota had the sense to vote this hack out of the Senate in 2004.


As seems to be par for the course, upon his nomination for HHS secretary, it was revealed that Daschle owes in excess of 120k in back taxes.

read here for more detail:

“change we can believe in” apparently means “a level of arrogance and condescension previously unseen”.

I don’t get it.  I thought the Democrats were for the common man?  What kind of message does this send?  Are we to believe that these are the only people qualified for these positions?  What does it say about Dear Leader that he is so friggin arrogant that he thinks he can keep forcing this garbage down our throats, and we’ll smile and say “more please!”. 

I’m too preoccupied and stunned right now to continue with this.  I will call for Daschle to pull his nomination…or, in lieu of that, I call for Dear Leader to do so.  I don’t expect either…


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