Dear Leader has broken (yet another) campaign promise…

…what happened to the “5 days of sunlight before signing” promise he so stringently promised us under the guise of complaining about how too often bills are rushed through Congress…?

…oh wait, “It’s for the children!”.  Isn’t that one of the favorite rallying cries of Liberals as they attempt to apply regulation and censorship?

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Well, this time it was the s-chip bill that was so desperately needed.  I guess with all the scrutiny and outrage the Porkulus bill has caused in being held up in the Senate, we just couldn’t have the common folk who are actually footing the bill for this turd having the opportunity to stand up to this back door to nationlized health care.  I don’t have all the details of this particular bill, but, suffice to say, it covers children of families making up to 80K a year.

So, let’s take a count, shall we?

so far, we have-

lobbyists in the cabinet

a confirmed tax cheat running the treasury

2 other confirmed tax cheats that were forced to withdraw resignations for cabinet positions

and, apparently, all of us are lousy enough at math that we didn’t realize that 5 days=3 hours.  No wonder Dear Leader has so much pork in his “stimulus package” directed to our schools.

Yeah, he certainly is a different kind of politician…frighteningly incompetent on his best days.  Can’t wait to see his worst.


2 Responses to “SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!”

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