Dear Leader’s presser

I know, I know…I’m a day late.  I’ve been busy.

So, let’s examine Dear Leader’s performance.

First of all, when was the last time we saw a teleprompter used at a press conference?  Sure, President Bush may not have been the most eloquent speaker, but his answers were genuine and not prepared.

Actually, I heard a lot of rambling platitudes and little, if any substance at all.  It was a campaign speech, which I guess we had better get used to because I believe that everytime he opens his yap the next 4 years that’s what we’re going to hear.

Predictably, the Liberals loved it.  “Oh, he’s SO INTELLIGENT”- <slobber slobber, pant, pant> “Oh, it’s SO NICE to have a President that can form a complete sentence” <shudder, shudder, orgasm, orgasm> “Oh, it’s SO NICE to have a president who answers questions”

…spare me…

As is his MO, Obama said NOTHING.  His “answers” to questions said NOTHING.

Also, how much longer does he think he can get away with whining about how he inherited the current financial situation?  Maybe he should go back and look at his Senate voting record to see who’s REALLY responsible for the current mess we’re in (I mean, he DID actually spend some time in the Senate, didn’t he?)

The one tiresome line that the Libs in general keep repeating over and over again ad nauseum is how we’re in “the worst economy since the Great Depression”.  Really?  How quickly they forget Carter with his double digit inflation, double digit unemployment, 18-24% finance rates for mortgages, the misery index, and our “national malaise”.  Just because a sizeable number of Americans aren’t old enough to remember the Carter Administration dosen’t mean it didn’t happen.

Did anybody watching this thing REALLY get a sense that we have a leader that has the slightest clue as to what he’s talking about or doing…or did you just see (like I did) some loudmouth clown yapping about how government is the only entity that has the resources to turn the economy around (gee, where do those resources come from?), and that for the longest time our economy has been driven by consumer spending, and that needs to end (still trying to figure out the wisdom behind that little nugget)

Obama’s first press conference= FAIL


2 Responses to “Dear Leader’s presser”

  1. as soon as he called on the clown from the huffington post all his last credibility,the huffington post for christ sakes.Be like Bush calling on somebody from the Limbaugh Letter.The libs would be screaming.

    • keepthechange08 Says:

      No shit! A Liberal blog site now has journalist credentials to get access to a White House press conference. Bet I couldn’t get them.

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