Dear Leader shows his “soft side”

Well, in all fairness, soft sides are all he has, especially when it comes to prosecuting this country’s enemies.

In an act ignored by the media last week (hell, I don’t even remember seeing this one on Fox), Dear Leader, with a single stroke of his pen, ended the trial of Abd Al-Nashiri, alleged mastermind of the Cole bombing.  Now, Army Col. James Pohl, refused the Administration’s request, citing the Military Commissions Act passed by Congress.  Pohl’s denial left the Obama Administration with a choice: continue the prosecution or drop the charges.  Faced with such a daunting decision, Dear Leader did what came natural to him…he dropped the charges.  Now, one thing you have to keep in mind is that al-Nashiri has already CONFESSED!

read the whole story here:

Now, as hard as it may be to imagine more arrogance in the face of such a slanted action…Dear Leader once again delivered.  After making this decision, he had the nerve…the GALL…to invite the families of the victims of both the Cole bombing and 9/11 to the White House to explain his position.

See, this is what KILLS me about this guy.  He honestly thinks that by talking he can turn anybody’s opinion around, no matter what their beliefs, convictions, or ideals may be.  He either doesn’t understand or refuses to accept (and I think it’s a combination of both) that not everybody sees things the way that he does, and merely tossing around a few platitudinal campaign lines isn’t going to change that.  He believes that those of us who have strong conservative convictions, believe in self reliance and responsibility, understand that there are consequences for poor decisions…apparently just don’t see the big picture.

Be on guard.  This hideous mistake will only serve to embolden this country’s enemies all the more.


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