Dear Leader either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care

So, apparently the nightmare scenario of raising taxes during a recession is about to come to pass.  Rather then attempt to stimulate business expansion and job creation, Obamacus has decided that those evil rich have to pay their share, regardless of how damaging an effect it has on the economy.

As far as I can see (and understand, I’m not the most educated guy out there, I just pay attention to things), placing punitive tax measures on those who create jobs and wealth at a time when the creation of jobs and wealth is vital is a BAD THING…I mean…am I missing something here?  Granted, I wasn’t president of the Harvard Law Review, but I have enough common sense to understand that when you penalize somebody for making beyond a certain level of income they’re going to do their level best to ensure that they DON’T achieve that level of income…aren’t they?  I would.

So, somebody tell me this- when you raise taxes on those making above a certain level of income, thereby dis-incenting them from making beyond this level of income…are you cutting your nose off to spite your face?  Do you think that small business owner is going to hire that extra employee, costing them not only additional payroll taxes, but also raising their income, and thereby moving them into a higher tax brackett?  Now, using this same scenario, let’s examine the misery index that this creates (yeah, I’m bringing back the term ‘misery index’ because we’re all going to be re-familiarized with it over the next 4 years):

…the business owner suffers by losing an opportunity to generate more revenue and potentially expand, losing out on the opportunity to create more jobs…

…the potential employee suffers by not being able to get a job…

…the potential customers lose by being denied a service or product…

…the economy on the whole loses because the potential employee has less money to spend by virtue of being unemployed AND the potential customer has fewer options to spend their money and inject it back into the economy…

…I think you can see the pattern developing here…

Look people, it’s up to us, we’re the only ones who can do anything about this.  If your representatives aren’t responding or voting the way you want them to…then VOTE THEM OUT!!!

We can take our country back, but we have to get off our asses and do it.


2 Responses to “Dear Leader either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care”

  1. too late we are on the way to one party rule,too fucking bad this place aint gonna be worth a tinckers damn

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