Look at that number for a second.  Do you know what it is?

It’s the DJIA close on Election Day.

How about this number- 6763

that’s the DJIA close today, March 2nd.

Despite whatever bullshit Democrats try to spin about the spending that’s related to closing out the last fiscal year- this is Obama’s economy now.  His pork roast has been passed.  He’s made overtures to $278Billion in mortgage “relief”, another $641Billion “setaside” to work on health care…

…and Wall Street doesn’t seem to like it very much…

…and, what exactly does that mean to YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Average American?  You’re not some Wall Street fat cat, you don’t have investments in stocks (unless, of course, you have a 401K or some type of profit sharing investment plan)…so how does the fact that the guys who invest in business and create jobs are losing their shirts affect you (please don’t make me make it any more simple then this.  If you don’t get it by now, crawl back under your rock and keep blaming George Bush)?

2900 points represents a 30% drop in 4 months.  Every time this jackass opens his mouth, the market runs for cover.  Fortunately, I don’t have a 401K, I don’t have any investments in the market.  I thank God every day that I don’t…but think about how many people’s savings and retirement have been wiped out.  And what are our elected leaders doing about this?  Screwing things up by trying to do something…anything…

Listen up people, and listen closely-

the government sees you as a bunch of idiots.  They know you’re nervous.  They know you’re scared.  They know you’re going to want them to do something…but WHAT exactly do you expect them to do?  Throw money at the problem?  Guess what…that’s YOUR MONEY that they’re throwing at it.  They have no money, the only money they have is what they print and what they confiscate.  They produce no product, they provide no service.

Markets correct themselves, they always have, they always will.  Government intervention does nothing but delay the inevitable.


this is an interesting find from the Heritage Foundation.  Read it.  Understand it…and understand that what Obama is trying to do is FAR more reaching and disruptive.

…be vigilant…we CAN stop this.


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  1. call me discusted.

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