Will he or won’t he?


Okay, “Mr. President”, Rush Limbaugh has challenged you to a debate.

…will you accept?

Do you have the nerve and the committment to your ideas to stand toe-to-toe with the man who has his finger on the pulse of true conservatism and defend your expansion of government and the transfer of wealth from the private sector to the federal government?  Or are you the coward I believe you to be?

If your ideas are the way to go, and conservatism is wrong, then debate Rush live on the air.  Prove once and for all that self-reliance and determination are dead, and that the way to go is for people to depend on the government.  Defend your stance of spreading the wealth, tell us why you think billions of dollars in earmarks in the federal budget and tax increases during a recession will stimulate our economy.  Enlighten us as to why penalizing success achieved through self-determination, hard work and sacrifice will encourage more of us to strive to succeed.  Make us believe that your way isn’t the wrong way.

…my guess is that you neither the guts nor the ability to debate ANY true conservative who stands firmly on their ideals, let alone Rush.  Rush would cut you to ribbons (as would Sean Hannity…and Mark Levin…and Roger Hedgecock…and Bill Bennett…and Glen Beck…and Neil Boortz…etc…).

“Mr. President”…prove to us that we have elected a leader with intestinal fortitude who stands up for his beliefs.  Your administration and your Greek chorus in the media have shown a real zest for attacking private citizens, attempting to demonize anybody who would dare to question you.  Now, one of those private citizens is showing the chutzpah to stand up to you.

Rush isn’t going away, and the more your trolls go after him the more powerful you make him.  Stand up to him.  Prove him wrong…if you can.


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