Dissension in the ranks- some common sense starting to creep in?


Apparently, there ARE some members of the Democrat party who understand that an earmark is indeed an earmark, no matter what you call it.

Senators Evan Bayh and Russ Feingold, prominent Democrats, have called on Obama to veto the omnibus bill that is loaded with pork, a total of 9,000 earmarks.  Some exmples-

  • Nearly $1.8 million for pig odor research in Iowa  

  • $950,000 for a convention center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  

  • $143,000 for a natural history museum in Las Vegas  

  • $238,000 for the Polynesian Voyaging Society in Hawaii
  • …now, you have to wonder what’s driving this dissension…

    could it be a sense of responsibility?  Or, could it be that these elected officials are smart enough to realize that if they don’t do the bidding of their constituents, they will be FORMER Seantors?

    I have to take an aside here for a minute and change the subject a little-

    generally, I try to address issues related strictly to the Intern-in-Chief (as Laura Ingraham calls him), but I’m going to delve into an expanse of failure and incompetence that overshadows even Obama’s woeful lack of leadership and ability..

    Harry Reid

    I don’t remember in my lifetime a more incompetent Senate majority leader then Harry Reid.  Despite 2 years of Democrat control of Congress, Harry Reid was completely incapable of forcing us out of Iraq.  Every initiative that Harry Reid has introduced has failed.  Harry Reid is the idiot that said the war was lost and that the Surge had failed (in it’s initial stages, quite literally as boots were first hitting the ground), and has to this day refused to conceded that he was wrong (he should be glad Lincoln wasn’t alive and in the White House, he would have been jailed for treason, and rightfuly so).  And, mark my words, with a fisure starting to develop amongst Senate Democrats, Reid will be completely impotent in any attempts he makes to pull the party back together.  In literal terms, if a fire were to break out, this moron would throw gasoline on it and be shocked when it got bigger.

    …but, I digress…

    Obama is already in trouble, and if his flunkies in Congress aren’t going to stand in unity behind him, he opens the door for the Republicans to grow a pair and make a stronger attempt to block some of his initiatives.

    …grab your popcorn, the show’s just starting…


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