…and the Oscar goes to…

BARACK OBAMA…for his unforgettable role as outraged advocate for the people in “How DARE AIG live up to the contractual obligations we knew about when we gave it $178B of your tax dollars!”

Let’s set the record straight right here- I don’t give a winged rodent’s rear about AIG paying out $165M in contractualy obligated bonuses to the excutives in it’s Financial Products division.  First of all, if these people are denied their bonuses, does that make MY life better?  Does that money somehow make it’s way to me?  No.  Second, are we supposed to believe that Congress just gave them this money without examining their books or contractual obligations, internal as well as external?  If not (and honestly, would it surprise you if they were incompentent enough not to have), then they are guilty of horrifically gross negligence.  Third, these contracts are legally binding.  To not honor them would have opened AIG up to a torrent of litigation that would have potentially made the amount paid in bonuses look like chump change.  No, this is nothing more then Obama playing the ‘have nots’ against the ‘haves’, and doing his typically transparent shitty job of it.

Now, let’s understand something.  The job of the Financial Products division is to make money for the company.  How do they do that…?  Through making investments and offering packages to investors.  Where do they make investments?  What are these investments built around?  What has happened to the underpinning that these investments have been built on?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out and remove all thoughts of devious culpability.

On top of this, we have Congressional clowns cueing up to play the class warfare game.  We have this gem from Senator Grassley:

now, that’s pretty damn bad in and of itself.  However, it pails in comparison to this:

now THAT’s scary.  Here, you have an elected official threatening to confiscate what they determine to be undeserved income through taxation.  Stop and think about the ramifications of that for a minute.  This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent by which the government will be able to determine what an appropriate level of income is.  Now, I realize that I may have strayed away from the original topic of this post for a minute, but this has to be addressed.  See, these idiots are counting on YOU, the American people, to be either too busy shopping at Wal-Mart or watching American Idol to notice what they say…or, if you do…they’re counting on you to get all fired up and scream “YOU TELL ‘EM!!!  GET THOSE GREEDY THIEVING BASTARDS!!!”  Class envy and warfare are the trump cards in the hand that the Obama administration is playing.  They want you to believe that somehow your life will be better if there is an equal disburesment of pain and suffering.  But, like I said earlier, think about it.  If some rich guy loses his money…does it make your life better?  Are you getting it?  No.  If some high level executive at a Fortune 500 company gets canned, are you going to get pulled off the loading dock and be placed there instead?  No. 

Don’t fall for it.  For the time being, this is America, the land of the greatest opportunity on Earth.  You can go as far as your drive, talent, and ambition take you.  The only thing government is going to do is hinder you.  Knocking other people down to your level does NOT lift you up.  Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by the bilge seeping forth from the Obama White House.


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