Obama derangement syndrome

Mrs. Keepthechange08 pointed out something very important to me the other day, something I have thought a lot about since she did:

Look at how virulently the left hated George Bush.  Rush coined the phrase “Bush derangement syndrome” to describe the absolute unhinged hatred that Liberals displayed towards President Bush, flying into a fit of rage at the sight of him or the mere mention of his name.  Well, I realized that I’ve been guilty of the same thing in regards to Obama.

Now, let’s not be confused here, I abosutely LOATHE that miserable sonofabitch and am anxiously counting down the days until we can end the abomination of his “presidency”.  However, I don’t want to foam at the mouth like a rabid dog every time somebody points out the ugly and inconvenient fact that he exists, so I’m going to do my best to keep as tight a lid on my emotions as I can and not sink to the levels that “tolerant” Liberals do.  That is, in part, why I haven’t been as active with this blog the last couple weeks as I was early on, and why, moving forward, I’m going to try to pick and choose my moments more carefully.  Fear not readers, I will continue to provide a beacon of light in the darkness of the Neo-Soc movement (like that?  I just made it up, think I’ll continue to use it to see if I can get it to stick).


3 Responses to “Obama derangement syndrome”

  1. Don’t feel bad. The venom and vitriol aimed at GWB will always be the high water mark in thoughtless Democrat discourse – at least until Obama is defeated.

    We can just keep pointing out the double standards we see and … I think this is the important part … only support those commercial enterprises that advertise on fair media.

  2. A lot of damage can be done between now and the end of this.

  3. Most of the anti-Obama discourse out there is founded in fact and based on history. That is what sets us apart from the Bush-haters.

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