Happy Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day America!  It’s the glorious day that comes around once a year where we get openly slapped in the face by our federal government by being reminded of just how much of our hard earned money is being looted by those buffoons in Washington.  Yes, today is the day that we are reminded of how Washington takes an appallingly large and growing amount of our hard earned money and redistributes it to those who have neither the ability nor will to do for themselves.  Income tax has become the bane of our society.  And, if you listen to Obama, apparently the way to stimulate the economy is for us to pay MORE taxes.  What we need to do is eliminate tax withholding from paychecks.  Pay everybody on a 1099 and have the government bill us monthly, or weekly, for what we owe.  I guaraneffingTEE you that will bring about change you can believe in to our tax code.  Let’s face it people, we’re getting the shaft right up the poop shoot.  The next time you get paid (and honestly, is there anybody out there stupid enough to not know the difference between gross and net pay?  Apparently, the idiots in the MSM seem to think the majority of us are, which doesn’t surprise me), take a good look at all of the various taxes that are being withheld from your pay.  Now, after you’ve done that, keep in mind that the brilliant minds in Congress are deviously scheming to find more ways to steal more of your hard earned money to fund their worthless pork projects.  The time is now to do something, and hoping for change ain’t going to cut it.

Now, I realize that I haven’t posted out here in a couple weeks, and I do apologize.  I needed to let my ODS(Obama Derangement Syndrome) settle down, and it has.  I find myself not being pissed off now, but rather find myself laughing hysterically at the complete and total incompetence this administration continues to display.  Take the way The Won handled the Somali pirate situation- a page straight out of the Carter playbook of weak-kneed appeasement.  He’s managed to make North Korea and Russia look down their nose at him with the scorn that typifies open contempt for weakness, and he really DID do a tremendous job of groveling at the feet of pretty much every foreign leader he has come into contact with so far, not to mention his amazing ability to bow AND apologize for America at the same time.

This should get interesting over the next few months.  His complete and total lack of knowledge of anything remotely relating to economics has already shown signs of making the recession longer and deeper then it needs to be (but, in regards to that, you can put me solidly in the camp of conspiracy theorists that believe that this is being done by design).  For me to grade him at an ‘F’ for being able to inspire confidence in the American people means he would have to get significantly better at it.  As recently as Sunday, Rassmussen had his PAI (Presidential Approval Index) at 2!  He’s merely one more royal pooch-screwing away from having a negative split there…stay tuned!

Now, while the curent state of affairs in our once magnificent country may be disturbing, there are a couple things to be heartened by-

– the ENTIRE House is up for re-election in ’10, along with 1/3 of the Senate

– the MSM won’t tell you about it, but the Republicans are gaining solid ground as Conservatives begin to wrest control of the party back from the wannabes

– since Inauguration Day, Obama’s approval amongst Independents has gone from a +8 to what is currently a -14 (if that number remains at that level, he’s toast in ’12)

– in every opinion poll conducted, the majority of citizens in this country continue to favor true conservative principles and ideals by a wide margin.  All we need to do is organize the message and get somebody who delivers it well.

So, what can YOU do to help things along…?

today, start off by finding a Tea Party close to you and go.  We have one in Annapolis, and KTC08 is going to make every attempt to make it (if I can get done what I need to do around it I’ll be there)

stay in constant contact with your Congressman and Senator.  Become their worst nightmare if need be.  This is something I need to do myself, I haven’t yet but moving forward I fully intend to.

Just remember guys, it’s always darkest before the dawn.  The way things are going right now, we have a real chance to take back at least one house of Congress next year.  (DON’T LISTEN TO THE MEDIA!!!  You already know they won’t tell you the truth, and the fact that for several days now a lead story has been the Obama’s new dog tells you just how much interest they have in reporting anything that remotely resembles news…ZERO!)  Let’s focus on that first because that will enable us to stop Dear Leader dead in his tracks.  There’s a whole lot of stuff in Porkzilla that can still be reversed, and we have plenty of time to build a real case for showing The Won the door in ’12, Carter style.

Keep the faith!


3 Responses to “Happy Tax Day!”

  1. Mrs. Keepthechange08 Says:

    Good observations and suggestions.

  2. Keep Posting!!!

    Now is the time we need to gear up for 2010.

    Attend a Tea Party and let’s mobilize! That way Napolitano will have something to watch.

  3. tax day,no contibution day just as joe biden

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