Its okay Lefties…

…we know that you don’t understand the Tea Party movement.  After all, we didn’t understand your attempts to undermine national security during the Bush administration.  Seemed you would have been perfectly happy to have Islamic nutjobs kill us all as long as we weren’t profiling men of Middle Eastern descent in airports.

…we don’t understand how you can look at decades of failed social engineering policies and not see how completely incompetent the government is at running anything.

…we don’t understand how you seem to not get simple economics, and try to excuse away how periods of prosperity have always been tied to periods of low taxation.

…we don’t understand how you can’t seem to grasp the concept that onerous regulation enslaves the human spirit, and that ethics and morality must be enforced by law or they won’t exist.

…we don’t understand how you fail to realize that open competition = superior goods and services at lower prices.

…we don’t understand how one can equate national pride and the belief of American exceptional-ism with racism, homophobia, and bigotry.

…we don’t understand why the American flag, the ultimate symbol of liberty and freedom for over 200 years, is viewed by you as emblematic of oppression.

…we don’t understand why you continue to look at the financially ruined socialist states of western Europe as the economic model the US should aspire to follow.

…we don’t understand how limiting health care, discouraging doctors and nurses from entering the profession, and raising costs makes it better.

…in short, we don’t understand YOU, nor your “mindset”, nor your hate for those of us who simply want to be able to keep more of our income, make our own decisions, and raise our families without some pencil-necked, unaccountable bureaucrat telling us how to do it…

…nor do we care to understand…

btw, I hear Cuba and Venezuela are LOVELY this time of year…just sayin’…


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