I’m sorry…what was that…?

The Wicked Bitch of the West wants to repeal the First Amendment?  Foolish us, we all thought the Libtards wanted to repeal the Second Amendment…

…but wait a minute now, she didn’t exactly SAY that she wanted to take away our freedom of speech.  No, she merely said she wanted to investigate the funding of those who oppose the GZ mosque… like there’s any difference.

Of all the kooks and Commies in Washington today, this “woman” is by far and away the most out-of-touch, unhinged, and dangerous.  Stop and think for a minute what “investigating the funding” of the opposition means for a minute.  Now, I’m not going to address the fact that the imam who wants to build this mosque said, on September 30 of 2001, that the US was “complicit” in the attacks, or that he has called for America to become sharia compliant and that he refuses to acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization.  No, I don’t care about that idiot…well, I do…but I don’t for the purposes of this piece.

As a quick civics lesson for you, let me remind you that this vile oxygen waster is 3rd in the line of succession to the presidency.  As SOTH, she literally holds as much power as the president, so this isn’t exactly like  some junior Congressman making a fool of themselves in an effort to gain some national exposure.  No, this is something that has the potential to actually happen.  The question you need to ask yourself is- to what end?

Last time I checked, poll numbers indicated that ~68% of people indicated that they STRONGLY opposed the building of the victory mosque (another lesson- throughout history,  Muslims have erected mosques on sites where they have defeated infidels).  Extrapolating that number based on the current US population would indicate some 200M people that oppose the building of this mosque.  Does the nasty Nazi propose to investigate every one of us?  Or, is she just referring to organized opposition…whatever that may mean.

Look gang, if you EVER needed a clear, concise, and direct reason as to why we have to THROW THESE BASTARDS OUT, this is it.  The next logical step in this progression is the application of pressure, in whatever form that may take.  To me, this is exactly the heavy-handed approach that is intended to make us fear our government.  That, my friends, is tyranny, and I personally would rather die on my feet then live on my knees.


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