A question for my Liberal friends

…yeah, I have some, not all of them are insane, insufferable assholes…

For a significant part of last year, you guys told me how awesome the stimulus was and how I would come to appreciate it when the economy was roaring again.  Any chance you could be a little more specific and tell me exactly when I should expect that to happen?

Everything the stimulus was supposed to have done it failed to do.  Also, we keep hearing about how less then half of it has been spent.  To that, my question is simply…


Were we lied to?  Unemployment was not supposed to top 8%, yet it has been at 9.5% for a significant part of the year, was over 10% briefly last year, and we all know that the number is artificial as it doesn’t include underemployment nor does it include people who have given up looking for work.

Why is it then whenever economic indicators head south (home sales down, new unemployment claims up, consumer confidence down, etc…) it’s always “UNEXPECTED”?

…you’re kidding when you say that, right?  I mean, do you seriously expect people without jobs to buy homes or other big ticket items?  Perhaps they should act in a display of blind faith in the POTUS’ (Prevaricator Of The United States) claim that things are improving, despite what we see everyday.  Businesses are unsure which direction to move in and how they will be adversely effected through taxation and the cost of hiring new employees.   In short, NOTHING indicates any type of recovery.  Yet, every bit of negative news is “Unexpected” and “points to a slowed recovery”…THERE IS NO FUCKING RECOVERY!!!  QUIT LYING TO ME, I’VE HAD IT!!!

I’m sick to death of being treated like I’m stupid, have no common sense, and that my vision is deceiving me.  There are NO signs of any type of sustained recovery.  For the last 3 quarters, GDP numbers have been revised downward, with the only constant being government spending.  There is no meaningful private sector growth.  There is no incentive to spark private sector growth.

Until we rid ourselves of onerous, unaccountable government, things will not improve.  We’re circling the drain right now, on the verge of being flushed into a cesspool of mediocrity.  November 2nd is coming.  Get to the polls.  Make your voices heard.  Tell them not just “no”, but “HELL NO!”


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