Think about this for a minute:

Based on his lack of documentation to prove his legal status or citizenship, his failure to produce records to support his educational claims, and the friends and associates that litter his background and social circle…

…Obama wouldn’t be able to pass a background check to be a White House janitor…


One Response to “Think about this for a minute:”

  1. People don’t realize that the COLB isn’t a birth certificate, nor that it doesn’t ascertain Hawaiian birth, nor that it’s never been authorized for release by Obama (he provided alleged copies only to Daily Kos and Bill Ayers’, two left-wing websites). Left-wing pundit and Obama supporter Camille Paglia said it well:

    “But Obama could have ended the entire matter months ago by publicly requesting Hawaii to issue a fresh, long-form, stamped certificate and inviting a few high-profile reporters in to examine the document and photograph it…And why has Obama not made his university records or thesis work widely available? …We don’t need another presidency that finds it all too easy to rely on evasion or stonewalling. I deeply admire Obama, but as a voter I don’t like feeling gamed or played.”

    An obvious possibility is that there is no birth certificate, and that some archived newspapers were altered. A more interesting possibility is that Grandma falsified a home-birth birth certificate when her grandson was born overseas, ineligible for US citizenship because his mother was too young. That would automatically have generated a newspaper birth announcement; that would account for all of the stories (including the NPR story and the tongue slip by Michelle Obama) citing Kenyan birth; that would explain the reluctance to reveal the original birth certificate, because there would be no doctor’s signature AND the parents’ signatures would clearly be forgeries. There are other possibilities regarding his birth. There are strong possibilities that he became an Indonesian citizen in any case, making his citizenship at birth moot because Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship in the 1960’s, making any Indonesian citizen of that time, at best, a naturalized US citizen.

    An original, signed birth certificate would seem to be required. The failure to provide it suggests that there is something to hide.

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